The 2019 Annual State Convention of the Mississippi AIA had the theme of Resolve, building structures with resiliency and sustainability. The selection of Bilox as the event location was not by chance, but rather a choice due to its history of dealing with hurricanes and environmental impacts. Kicking off with Architecture’s Relevance Revolution by Carl Elefante, the theme of resolve spilled over into all aspects of the show. The event was proceeded with the untimely arrival of Hurricane Barry which made for a few damp days. The first day of the seminar was held in the Maritime & Seafood Industry Museum and included a discussion about how the museum was built and the impact Katrina had on it. The second day continued at the University of Southern Mississippi Marine Education Center in Ocean Springs, MS. Built after Hurricane Katrina ( the old facility was destroyed), the facility is used as a model of environmental stewardship and a first class environmental education center. Built along the Davis Bayou, the center is a great destination for school students.

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