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The PCI Education Activities Council oversees various student competitions designed to expose students of architecture and engineering to real-world examples and uses of precast/prestressed concrete products. Each year, PCI conducts an Engineering Student Competition, known as The Big Beam Competition, where student teams work with their professor advisors and a local precast/prestressed concrete producer. Additional opportunities may be offered by the Educational Activities Council and published on the PCI Student Competitions page. 

The PCI Foundation helps create precast-focused college experience. The PCI Foundation has helped fund "Precast Studios" at schools of architecture around the US in partnership with local organizations who help create the content. Over the last few years the arsenal of programs offered by the PCI Foundation has expanded to meet the needs for precast concrete educators and students throughout the US. 
No matter what the program, the goal is always to create a positive, meaningful and lasting impression on students who will soon be working in the design and construction industry. 

PCI Gulf South recently worked with Tulane University to secure a $100,000 grant for their own precast studio.