The Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute (PCI) is the technical institute for the precast concrete industry. PCI develops, maintains, and disseminates the Body of Knowledge (BOK) necessary for designing, fabricating, and constructing precast concrete structures. The BOK refers to the collective knowledge of an industry that is relied upon to design and build with a specific material or system. It is from this BOK that building codes, design guides, education programs, certification, and more are derived.

PCI has developed many resources to aid architects, engineers, and other stakeholders in planning, designing, constructing and maintaining precast concrete structures. This section organizes these resources by topic, rather than by project type. Simply click on the appropriate section below.


Architectural Resources

Aesthetic versatility, design details, envelope design, Color and Text Selection Guide


Building Engineering Resources

Design for multi-hazard conditions including fire, earthquakes, and explosions


Transportation Engineering Resources

Bridges for Life, Bride Design Manual, precast concrete pavement, piles, State-of-the-Art reports


How Precast Builds

Floors and roofs, walls, structural components, piles, transportation, modular components, and more


Guides & Manuals

Guide specifications, Designer's Notebooks, design tables and charts, tolerances, technical guides, and manuals


Research & Development

Fellowships, project/reports, current RFPs



Innovations in the precast industry including software, designs, and materials


Sustainability Resources

LEED resources, sustainable design, building envelope, life-cycle assessment, case studies, PCI Sustainable Plants Program