Data Centers Demand Versatility, Resiliency and Efficiency


The electronic age has left us more connected than ever and that connectedness has created an increasing demand for highly secure, large scale data centers to house millions of dollars worth of telecom equipment that holds vast amounts of sensitive information. In the United States, there are over 8 million data centers and the number keeps growing. With large companies like Google, Microsoft and Facebook building more of their own data centers annually, it’s increasingly important the type of structures they choose can handle the security sensitive information of their users over the long haul.

Fun Fact: Data centers use over 2% of all the energy in the US  and more sustainable solutions, such as precast, help them reduce their overall environmental impact.

The precast industry continues to be at the forefront of this crucial industry by providing carefully designed structures that perform, protect and serve the needs of this demanding and ever-changing environment. What makes precast concrete the “go to” material for housing the world’s most sensitive data?

Precast Wall Component Courtesy of  Gate Precast

Precast Wall Component Courtesy of Gate Precast


Temperature Controlled Capability

Precast sandwich walls provide the insulation value necessary to regulate temperatures inside buildings where highly sensitive equipment generates an enormous amount of heat.


Constructing a data center is no small undertaking. Projects are designed to serve over the long haul with no need for costly maintenance or repairs.

Blast Resistance

Precast walls are fortified to provide the strength and durability necessary to withstand explosions, projectiles, high winds and tornadoes.


Valuable equipment can be safely installed without fear of damage due to weather extremes or terrorist activities.

Smart Manufacturing

Precast concrete data centers are designed and manufactured off site in a controlled environment. Buildings are assembled in less time with less man hours thus saving valuable resources.

Fully Customizable

Precast concrete wall panels can be constructed to match existing structures or created with an aesthetically pleasing exterior.

Sprinkled across our nation are unassuming buildings churning away day and night with servers holding the information needed to keep businesses running smoothly. With the growing trend toward offsite data storage, PCI certified precast concrete walls and systems meet the needs of a crucial part of infrastructure in a time saving and cost effective manner.