Precast Concrete Piles: A True Workhorse

Driven deep into the earth and often unseen, lies one of the most durable and economic foundations produced in the precast concrete industry...piles. Piles are prefabricated, high strength, prestressed concrete columns that act as a support or foundation for structures and bridges. In marine and coastal environments, concrete piles are a true workhorse and have a greater longevity than wood or steel piles.


What makes precast concrete piles superior?

  • Highly resistant to corrosion

  • Very adaptable

  • Economical over the long-haul

  • Arrive at the job site ready to be driven

  • Can be spliced together to create longer piles

  • Can be made in various shapes such as square, round, cylindrical and octagonal

  • Produced in quality controlled environments with rigorous oversight

  • Time saving and labor saving compared to cast-in-place piles

2017 Piles.png

PCI Gulf South has PCI certified producers who specialize in this valuable product. When considering the foundation of your next structure, start off on solid footing with precast concrete piles built to stand the test of time.

Bert Jones #12.jpg

Featured Project

After Hurricane Katrina, PCI certified Gulf Coast Prestress replaced all timber piles with concrete piles for the Bert Jones Yacht Basin.