Cribbs Mill Creek Drainage Improvements - Phase 1

Cribb Mills Creek.png

City of Tuscaloosa
Tuscaloosa, AL

Project Start Date: 2018
Project Completion Date: 2019

Total Project Cost: $4.6 million

Involved Companies

Precast Concrete Producer

Forterra Structural Products
400 Industrial Park Drive
Pelham, AL 35124

Structural Engineer

MAK Engineering
351 Canyon Park Drive
Pelham, AL 35124

General Contractor

3700 Commerce Drive
Tuscaloosa, AL 35401


The Cribbs Mill Creek project is part of a $4.6 million Brookhaven Drainage project that brought improvements to the drainage network near the Brookhaven neighborhood. The improvements were implemented to help protect the local community from a 100-year flood event.

Forterra was contacted by MAK Engineering in April 2017 to assist with the portion of the project that involved a bridge carrying a city street over a concrete flume that contained Cribbs Mill Creek. A shallow depth and no visible joints were important to the engineer and owner. Originally, the idea was to use skewed 34’-0” precast bridge deck units but after discussion, Forterra suggested the use of the F Style NEXT Tee Beam.

The NEXT Tee beam was cast in widths up to 11’-0” wide which greatly reduced the number of pieces required (8 NEXT Tees) verses a standard precast bridge deck (24 Units).

The project was let in May 2018 and Phase 1 of NEXT Tee Beams were delivered April 2019.

Bridge Info

  • Length = 38’-3 ¾”

  • Width = 82’-0 ½”

  • 15 Deg. Skew

  • 3 ea. NEXT Tees @ 10’-9 ½” wide x 36’-3 ¾” long (Phase I)

  • 5 ea. NEXT Tees @ 9’-10 ½” wide x 36’-3 ¾” long (Phase II)

NEXT Tees were cast with a flat top. An 8” deck was cast on top of the Tees with a 2% slope for drainage.

The total cost for the NEXT Tee beams was comparable to  34’-0” precast deck units for this particular application.


  • This is the first project in the state of Alabama to use the NEXT Tee beams

  • Contractor and Engineer are both pleased with the ease of construction, safety and appearance..

  • Finished structure provides a clean line profile, as well as a solid deck finish, without joint lines and possible future joint maintenance.