The past couple months have given the members of PCI Gulf South a reason to look back with gratitude and a reason to look forward with hope and inspiration. Christmas week brought news of the passing of Q.D. Spruill, a lifetime member of our association and local voice at the national level of PCI. The legacy of Q.D. lives on with the deep involvement and commitment of the Spruill family to the precast industry along the Gulf Coast. We also saw the first semester of the PCI Foundation sponsored studio at Tulane University come to a close with semester ending final architectural reviews. PCI Gulf South has not enjoyed the lengthy history some regions boast, but we are building and growing with each passing year. The strong foundation laid by leaders like Q.D. Spruill help to give direction and importance to the work we do for our customers. Let’s carry the same drive forward in 2019 as we continue to grow the precast industry one job at a time.

Happy New Year to All! 

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