NEXT TEE Beam Bridge
2018 Design Award Honorable Mention

NEXT Beam Bridge.jpg

Decatur County, GA

Project start date: 8/21/15
Project completion date: 10/31/2016

Total Project Cost: $4,542,497
Bridge Length: 280’

Involved Companies

Precast Concrete Producer

Forterra Structural Products
400 Industrial Park Drive
Pelham, AL 35124

General Contractor

Southern Concrete Construction Co, Inc.
733 Liberty Expressway SE
Albany, GA


The project consisted of four spans at 70'-0" for a 280'-0" long bridge that was 43-3" out to out in width. There were sixteen NEXT TEE beams required that were 36" deep x 10'-9 14" wide x 69'-0" long. Each beam weighed approximately 103,000 lbs. Design for the beams required the use of forty two 0.6" strands at 43,943 lbs. of force on each strand. The concrete strength requirements were 7,500 lbs. P.S.I at release and 8,500 lbs. P.S.I. @ 28 days.


Due to the fact that NEXT TEE beams were erected with the flanges touching, the use of metal decking was not required which aided in the speed and safety of the construction of the bridge. The NEXT TEE Beams were delivered and erected 4 per day.