Nicholson Drive Parking Garage

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Baton Rouge, LA 70803

Project Start Date: 06/2017
Precast Erection Start Date: 09/2017
Precast Erection Completion Date: 12/2017
Project Completion Date: 03/2018

Total Project Cost: $18 million
Square Footage: 247,000 SF
Cost of Precast Concrete: $6.25 million

Involved Companies

Precast Concrete Producer

Tindall Corporation
11450 Saracennia Rd
Moss Point, MS 39562


Remson, Haley, Herpin Architects
200 Government St, Suite 100
Baton Rouge, LA 70802

Precast Concrete Specialty Engineer

Tindall Corporation
11450 Saracennia Rd
Moss Point, MS 39562

Engineer of Record

Fox Nesbit Engineering
9100 Bluebonnet Centre Blvd
Baton Rouge, LA 70809

General Contractor

Lemoine Company
15555 Airline Highway
Baton Rouge, LA 70817



The parking structure was designed to match the adjacent building’s design features and façade with the brick color matching other buildings throughout campus. This project highlights that parking structures do not have to be plain gray and can be designed to fit into their surroundings. It was switched from CIP to precast because of the overall cost savings which resulted from shortened construction schedule and long-term performance of precast.

Relevant Features

  • Cost Benefits

  • Schedule Benefits

  • Access Constraints

  • Working around football season 

  • Matching surrounding buildings

  • “Not the look of a Parking Garage”


By using precast, over cast in place, the contractor was able to construct the project 30% - 40% faster. Through utilizing the Design-Build delivery method, Tindall was brought on-board the design team early in the process, resulting in the most efficient precast design. Tindall provided valuable input to the team on precast components from the start. Tindall was also able provide project pricing at an early stage to make sure the project design was within the owner’s budget.

Project Details

Architectural Precast

  • 12" Wide x 82" Deep Spandrels: 712 LF, 4,864 SF

  • 12" Thick Architectural Panels: 723 LF, 5,365 SF

Structural Products – (double tee, columns, beams, girders, piles etc.)

  • 12' Wide x 28" Deep Double Tees: 16,450 LF, 197,399 SF 

  • 40" Wide x 32" Deep Inverted Tees: 539 LF, 1,796 SF 

  • 08" Wide x 82" Deep Spandrels: 2,201 LF, 14,843 SF 

  • 12' Wide x 10" Thick Lite Walls: 2,592 LF, 23,980 SF 

  • 12' Wide x 12" Thick Shear Walls: 576 LF, 5,083 SF 

  • 28" x 28" Columns: 999 LF, 2,328 SF 

  • 12' Wide x 08" Thick Wall Panels: 2,208 LF, 22,210 SF 

  • 08" Wide x 60" Deep Grade Spandrels: 692 LF, 3,458 SF 

  • 12' Wide x 08" Thick Flat Slabs: 338 LF, 2,876 SF


  • Thin-set brick

  • Cornices and projected brick at first level

  • Buff colored concrete