On April 16th-17th, PCI Guf South held the annual Spring Meeting at the Grand Natchez in Natchez,MS. This year, we were honored to have Donn Thompson, Director, Architectural Precast Systems as a guest speaker. Being relatively new to PCI on the national stage, Donn gave an overview of his background and duties at PCI. Also, as the PCI liaison to the Architectural Committee, Donn gave a review of PCI’s initiative to change the A certification category and the timeline to have all changes in place. There was also a brief discussion on a 2018 report from the DBIA relative to the current state of project delivery preference in the US. (hint: design build is growing!) We were also very fortunate to have Daniel Lund III, Partner at Phelps Dunbar as our other guest speaker. Dan gave a general overview of construction law Do’s & Don’ts on contract language. Dan concluded his presentation with a brief description on dispute resolution relative to negotiation, mediation and arbitration. This is one area of business a subcontractor cannot get enough information about. Thank you Donn and Dan for being a part of our meeting. The membership found your presentations to be exceptionally worthwhile.

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