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I always know it’s going to be a good day when I open an email or pick up the phone to hear from a university professor who wants me to come and talk about precast concrete. On October 25th, PCI Gulf South was invited by Dr. Shawn Sun to speak to his graduate/ undergraduate prestressed concrete class at Louisiana Technical University in Ruston, LA. Dr. Sun graciously afforded me nearly two hours to speak with the class. The first 50 minutes was spent on the basics of precast-prestressed product types/usage, as well as some history of the prestressed industry. Also covered were some case histories and project profiles. The second half of the class was spent on module 1 of “ Principles of Precast-Prestressed Concrete Construction”. Pulling from my 12 1/2 years as a precast producer, I always find it interesting and entertaining to see reactions from the students when I share some of the aspects of construction and its relationship to the precast industry. Coined as the “practical” side of our industry, I generally focus on the typical progression of a precast project and common issues designers face as a project proceeds from estimating to project close out. As always, PCI Gulf South Stands as a resource for young designers in their use of precast-prestressed products.