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 Competition is a necessary evil in the construction industry. It forces us to continually evolve and “keep our head in the game” so our competitors don’t get a step up on us. Being forced to compete pushes the industry forward and encourages creativity and advancement of ideas and operations. 

The precast concrete industry faces a fairly hefty dose of competitors. Whether we are squaring off with the timber industry to win a hotel project or duking it out with the “cast in place”crew over a parking garage, precast concrete producers are constantly working to get their foot in the door. You would think a product like precast would be a “no brainer”, and statistically it is. However, the competition we face has outshined us in marketing alternative building products for so long that precast concrete is not the first material that comes to mind for many designers and specifiers. As each PCI region expands their geographically targeted marketing efforts, we expect to see slow but steady growth in our industry. We will continue to work tirelessly to promote what we know to be a top notch product and we will champion our industry for all it has accomplished to this point and build on that achievement one project at a time.

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