PCI Certified Precast Plants... A Recipe for Success

The recipe for a PCI certified precast concrete manufacturing plant involves a complex list of ingredients. Being granted the “PCI certified” seal of approval is not something that occurs by simply paying a fee or joining an association. Precast concrete manufacturers who earn this top level designation have invested serious time and money to ensure the products that roll out of their plants are the best of the best. High level decision makers in the building industry understand the value of designating only PCI certified products and specifically call for them in the job requirements.


So what exactly goes into this giant mixing bowl of success?


Oversight of everything… from the physical manufacturing plant, to the personnel who run them, to the crew in the field who carefully erects each piece with precision and skill...the whole process has been evaluated and tweaked to the top level of industry standards that have been developed and tested through decades of study and use. Each plant creates and maintains an approved Quality Service Manual (QSM) that serves as a “living” reference for plant personnel and project owners alike.


No one can guide the design process better than the highly qualified personnel in a precast plant. From shapes and sizes to colors and textures, PCI certified plants are filled with industry professionals who know and understand what is possible and how to best meet owner expectation. From value engineered options  to state of the art connection systems, if it has to do with precast, rest assured PCI certified personnel are knowledgeable and eager to answer questions and share suggestions.


Unannounced and random inspections, in the form of bi-annual audits, of precast manufacturing plants are conducted to ensure the products being produced and the processes in use meet project specifications. Every piece...every time is manufactured just as it was designed in a PCI certified plant.


Only the highest standards are implemented in PCI certified plants.This philosophy lends itself to consistent, efficient processes that produce top level products with minimal error in a time saving and cost saving manner. Project specifiers demand PCI certified products on their jobs because they understand that the real value in any project comes from a structure that is sustainable, maintainable and durable. You get what you pay for! Eliminating/minimizing future repairs and maintenance issues all play into the why it makes sense to choose a PCI certified precast producer from the start.

The end product is only as good as the pieces that are used to create it. PCI has, and always will, strive to be the best of the best. Each and every PCI producer has earned, and continues to earn, their valuable designation through hard work, diligence and a desire to ensure the PCI name will always stand on the top rung of the ladder in the precast concrete industry. This is #HowPrecastBuilds.


Here a just a few of PCI Gulf South’s PCI certified plants.









Interested in becoming a PCI certified plant? Take a look at the resources below on how to get started.