Edge^R : The Software Solution for the Precast Concrete Industry

The EDGE^R platform provides the precast concrete industry with a comprehensive solution for project design, estimation, production, erection, and much more. EDGE^R utilizes the world’s most preeminent graphics software, Revit, to facilitate the creation of detailed 3-D models which can be translated into accurate bills of materials and shop tickets, allowing a more seamless workflow from the estimation phase through the erection phase. In combination with EDGE^ERP, EDGE^CAM, and EDGE^CLOUD, users can optimize all facets of their business.

Five Key Attributes of Edge^R


Simple, intuitive, time-saving custom content that cuts down on human error and simplifies the reinforcing process of the model and then translates information for accurate take-offs, drawings and shop tickets.

Project Management

Through an efficient tracking process, Edge^R Ticket Manager accurately determines the number of marks and total pieces, quantifies and identifies elements that have been reinforced, tracks creation of shop tickets and identifies when a ticket is ready to be released to production.

Shop Tickets

Through the use of customizable templates, Edge^R allows the user to quickly generate shop tickets that include appropriate views, bills of materials, title block information and more.


Change Management

Changes made to the 3-D model are automatically reflected on all relevant drawings and tickets. Additionally, updated counts of such items as bricks, embeds etc. occurs.


Edge^R provides parameters to customize detailed schedules for the whole project, portions of the project and/or one specific element of the project.

Beam modeled using EDGE^R

Beam modeled using EDGE^R

Shop ticket generated using EDGE^R for the beam to the left.

Shop ticket generated using EDGE^R for the beam to the left.


The EDGE^ERP solution leverages the user’s model to extract information that can be directly imported into many common Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. It gathers pertinent information from all elements (such as precast elements, cast in place embeds, loose materials, lifting/handling, etc.) in the model and converts it into a file format which can then be utilized by the user or directly integrated into the user’s ERP system.


Using the existing Revit model, EDGE^CAM makes automation of the production workflow possible. EDGE^CAM extracts information directly from the model and converts it into a file format that can be read by many automated machines. The exported file contains information about finishes, cutouts, rebar, embed placement, and much more. The practical applications include laser projection, bed plotting, automated rebar bending, automated concrete distribution, etc. Supported file formats currently include Unitechnik (UXML) versions 5.2, 6.0, and 7.0 and Progress Group (PXML) version 1.3.


The cherry on the top of the cake with this amazing technology is the EdgeCloud factor. Through EdgeCloud, real time information can be provided to production and can be easily accessed on a tablet or PC allowing for seamless communication between engineering and production personnel.

EDGE^R and Virtual Reality

EDGE^R can also be used with designs for virtual reality systems. Below is a screenshot of a component designed using EDGE^R in virtual reality.

Virutal Reality Rendering.jpg