Abrasive Blasting: The Limitless Option for Precast Concrete

Abrasive Blasting Levels.png

Abrasive blasting, once referred to strictly as “sandblasting” is an optional process commonly employed on precast concrete panels to create an aesthetically appealing appearance. Concrete, in its natural state, cures in various shades of gray. The color of concrete can be altered through the use of dyes or powders. The process of abrasive blasting can also change the color and texture of exposed concrete.

The idea of abrasive blasting is to remove the outer skin or matrix of the concrete panel to expose the different aggregates that exist in the concrete mix. Various depths of blasting result in different appearances/textures.

With each depth of blasting, the aggregates present in the concrete play a greater role in the overall appearance.

Abrasive Blasting Depths.png

Interestingly enough, an array of materials are utilized during the blasting process. Some commonly used blasting materials include:




Plastic Beads


Steel Shot




Walnut Shells

In conjunction with other finish options, abrasive blasting offers the limitless options designers and owners seek for their projects. Visit our Aesthetic Versatility page to see to a sample collection of the different appearances that can be achieved with precast and get access to our Color and Texture guide.